When Do You Have to Worry about Asbestos?

December 19, 2017 >> by asbestos watch

As we know, most Australian buildings are contaminated with asbestos. The harmful substance is added to strengthen building materials. In other words, asbestos is important to increase the quality of building product. That’s why asbestos was widely used everywhere.

Then, here comes the part when you probably ask: if it is important to make building materials stronger, why is it dangerous?


why asbestos is dangerous


Even though building materials that made with asbestos are strong, doesn’t mean that they can last forever in such ideal conditions. They can also get weathered or damaged in many circumstances. Then, the friable substances contained in the damaged building materials can easily go airborne. These fibres are dangerous once they get inhaled by people. They can cause severe illnesses like mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer etc.


You have to be concerned about the condition of friable materials in your surroundings. Especially when it comes to renovation or demolition projects. There are many possibilities that the harmful substance can spread and cause further contaminations. Therefore, before it’s too late, start learning more about asbestos conditions in your property!


1. Check the building’s age

The very first thing you can do is by knowing how old is your building. Why? Because by knowing when was it built, you can figure out whether you have asbestos in your building or not. Furthermore, you can also estimate the condition of it. Buildings that built prior to 1980s are highly likely to be contaminated by fibrous materials.


2. See any damage in the area

After conducting a little research about the presence of asbestos in the building, then you need to check the condition of visually. You have to find out whether the harmful material is in a good condition or not. But, don’t you ever think to check it with your own hands! You can be in a great danger if you decided to make a physical contact with the harmful material without using any proper equipment.


3. Contact a professional assessor

You need to call a professional contractor for further examination such as asbestos testing and removal. Because only professionals can perform the procedure safely.

They will prepare all of equipment needed, such as:

  • Breathable and disposable wear that cover all of your body surface
  • P2 mask with respirator as a minimum standard for Australian
  • Disposable pair of boots
  • Disposable pair of safety gloves
  • Enough plastic bag with at least 2mm thick to wrap the harmful wastes
  • Dust-wipe rags
  • Spray bottle
  • Asbestos warning signs for waste and targeted area
  • Dust-binding or fibre-bonding sealant


You can’t reuse asbestos products in any way. Thus, the only thing you can do with the waste is to dispose it safely in a legal landfill. There are certain rules released by the government that organize the handling of asbestos. Therefore, you can’t carelessly handle it by your own. You need to follow the right procedure to avoid fines.


The safest way to deal with such hazardous materials is to leave it to the professionals. You can search more about how to handle asbestos properly in https://www.asbestossafety.gov.au/asbestos-information .

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