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Need a comprehensive pre-purchase Asbestos inspection but don’t want to spend a fortune? We can send an industry recognised expert to inspect your property. They will focus on any potential health or expense problems and provide an asbestos condition report to assist you with your purchase decision. 

Lowest Price: If you find a lower comparable price, we’ll price match it!  You won't though, there just isn't anyone else like us.

Fast Turnaround: You’ll receive your report within 24 hours of the inspection.

Expert Inspectors: Our inspectors know asbestos.

Latest Technology: We use the latest sensor technology available.

Want to discuss the costs of asbestos removal, remediation or encapsulation with the inspector? No Problems! 

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The best thing was, I took the asbestos report to the agent and asked them to negotiate a further price reduction with the seller. I just wasn't going to cop the price of asbestos removal after I brought the house. I actually saved a lot of money on the buying price.

- The Wran Family

Never in a million years did I think the new reno on the house I wanted to buy, would still contain asbestos. It did! Thank God we had an asbestos inspection, we had plans of knocking a door through a wall, I would have contaminated my whole house and made my kids sick!

- Dave & Millie

Thank you for coming out and testing the asbestos in my home on such short notice. The peace of mind you gave me was just incredible. Also I am so pleased with the advice on how to save money with an encapsulation, I was so concerned with the worn patches on the asbestos walls.

- Elizabeth Howes

Latest Technology in Queensland

Our expert asbestos inspectors all carry the ‘MicroPHAZIR AS’ Asbestos detection unit. These devices can precisely detect, and confirm the presence of asbestos without needing to physically remove a portion of any walls, floors or ceilings and more importantly, it won’t cause contamination issues.

MicroPHAZIR AS Technology

The Thermo Scientific microPHAZIR AS analyser is a powerful tool that enables in-field rapid screening and identification of all six types of regulated asbestos fibres. The 1.25kg handheld near infrared analyser is completely self-contained and can perform accurate on-site analysis in seconds

Renovation Projects

Identification of asbestos-containing materials is critical during renovation projects and the recycling of construction materials. The Thermo Scientific microPHAZIR AS analyser can be used in the field and streamlines inspection without compromising accuracy.

Fast Accurate Identification

Fast, accurate identification Point-and-shoot operation returns results in seconds. Reduction of laboratory testing, fully automated operation and automatic reference and calibration. Portable Field-based testing can reduce the need and reliance on outsourced laboratory testing. Reduced sample preparation as opposed to previous destructive screening methods.

Fastest turnaround time in Queensland

As we know the report is time sensitive, once payment is received, we will get the report to you within 24 hours.

But just because we’re fast, doesn’t mean we cut corners!

Every pre-purchase asbestos inspection report has to pass a stringent quality review from our head office before it’s sent to you.

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Professional Asbestos inspections you can rely on

We take our inspections seriously, your families health is at stake. We ensure you have the best opportunity to understand any potential health or financial risks. A Pre-Purchase Asbestos Inspection will give you the answers to your questions on Asbestos.


Internal asbestos can be throughout the house, however is predominantly in wet areas and walls. It is difficult to asses if a product as asbestos with the naked eye.


Asbestos Roofs are always a forgotten item, you don't see them! If they are damaged however, then can spread fibre all over your house, yard and garden. Certainly not what you want children playing in.


Eaves, power metre backing boards, external cladding, pipe lagging, asbestos has been used everywhere around the home. Once it becomes weathered, you have potential fibre release.

Free Standing Structures

Asbestos was Australia's favourite building product once upon a time. We have found everything from garages to bird baths made from asbestos


Hard to miss, the good old asbestos fence has been part of many of our lives growing up. We will assess the condition of the fencing and advise you accordingly.

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Our reports are 100% recognised by third parties

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Our reports are 100% recognised by third parties

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