How to Choose Eco-Friendly Flooring for Your House

December 19, 2017 >> by asbestos watch

From the products we consume to the one that we use for cleaning our homes and all the materials that we use up to the-the building materials we may take to our homes, the environmentally friendly interests have steadily increased. Among the rooms in a house, bathrooms and kitchens are the most popular ones. It is because we spend most of our time there. Therefore, many people commonly ask about what types of flooring that are good eco-friendly choices. This article will focus on the bathroom flooring.


Cork and bamboo

If you ask what types of wood mostly recommended options for flooring, the answers are cork and bamboo. As one would expect, you need to check the wood you buy whether it has designed badges like the Forest Stewardship Initiative, which confirms the way wood (for cork) is acquired is done in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. Cork contains antimicrobial properties too that help hinders germs.

Bamboo is, in fact, regarded as grass, but as it gets matures and grows faster than other traditional woods, it is thought of as a renewable source.

These woods are not the most water resistant material although they can function in the bathroom. For you who have more people in the house, you can choose other better choices.

There are several choices which are very water resistant, such as teak and ipe. However, since they are usually grown in Asia and Central and South America makes the transportation costs of these woods less eco-friendly. For this reason, white oak is recommended to be used instead of the expensive teak and ipe. White oaks are also used for the construction of boats and for the fermentation of brandies, whiskeys and other types of liquors. They will work well in the bathroom, only make sure you seal them properly.

Linoleum (It is not vinyl)

Don’t get confused with vinyl although a lot of floor traders use the term interchangeably due to the similarities between the end products of those two. Both vinyl and linoleum durable and strong flooring materials. However, there are several important differences inherent in both the manufacture of materials and long-term use.

PVC or vinyl flooring products and other associated products generally may contain small amounts of asbestos that includes about 5% very fine chrysotile. Larger and often noticeable amounts of chrysotile can be discovered in black and brown thermoplastic tiles. The covering of old sheets floor was sometimes coated with a thin layer of chrysotile paper, as well as some types of underlay like hessian linings for linoleum and carpets.

Asbestos can also be found in the mastics, which are used as an adhesive for gluing the covering to the floor. Some sturdy composite floors have about 2 percent mineral fibres that may contain asbestos.

Therefore, if you have the asbestos vinyl floor, it would be wiser if you remove them. Hire a professional that you can get through Asbestos Watch to perform asbestos removal.

Linoleum is a good choice and is which quite often being confused for vinyl flooring. This is the reason why linoleum is a great option that is vinyl floors are not as green as linoleum. Linoleum is eco-friendly due to the fact that it is made from linseed oil and other products of nature such as jute, cork powder and ground limestone. Another reason is that it is biodegradable without sending out hazardous chemicals. Linoleum has so many choices of colours and patterns like vinyl to match any plan you have. Linoleum is easy to be cleaned and also waterproof, which makes it a good choice for the bathroom.

Glass Tile

One of the most environmentally friendly materials is glass because, unlike some plastics, it can be completely recycled and is able to disintegrate naturally. The glass will look elegant to be used in the bathroom, particularly in different lightings. Also, if you use it both as a backsplash and as a floor, it will look nice. Be careful, however, because they should not be used in very wet areas, such as showers, as they are very slippery. There is a material that you can use as a coating that you can place on the top providing an extra grip as also sealing the tiles. However, this can be a potential safety risk if have small children or the elderly live with you.


Terrazo is considered as a specialty flooring. The floors use fragments of other tile materials, such as glass, marble and quartz. They come in beautiful hues with various speckles relying on the material and type of stone pieces that are combined. They are long lasting, however, once sealed, they can be somewhat slippery, the same as glass tiles. Tile sealing is necessary to get a polished surface and prevent stains.

One of the great ways to give an elegant atmosphere and also giving you some peaceful because you are doing good to the environment is through choosing the eco-friendly floor in the bathroom. If you have some interests in these materials and would like to understand what colours and patterns would fit into your bathroom, you can read more here.

Good luck with your project and see you in the next article.

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