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The Asbestos Testing Service from The Expert

Asbestos has negative effects on property values, that’s fact, why? Keep reading..

The word asbestos can be an automatic deal breaker for some property buyers in Australia. Based on a study, it is reported that asbestos can diminish a property’s value as high as 30%. Normally, you will not notice if your property has asbestos-containing material (ACM). The only way to be sure is by getting it inspected by a professional contractor.

To minimise the negative financial impact of asbestos (fibre) on your property, get in touch with Asbestos Watch today.

We can connect you with A-class licensed contractors who conduct a thorough and safe fibre testing process in a residential, commercial, and government property. Testing project is the first step to completely eliminate ACMs from your property.

Our trusted contractors will do a thorough inspection at your premise and determine whether asbestos removal is necessary. Our endorsed members strive to deliver safe and flexible solutions in demanding situations. We ensure that our approved members perform any testing procedure in a full compliance with national, state, and local requirements.

Be smart, be safe! When it comes to asbestos testing, it is best to contact one or more contractors through Asbestos Watch.

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Asbestos Testing Process: Table of Contents

Section 1: Three things you need to know about asbestos

Section 2: The easiest way to find trustworthy contractors

Section 3: Services provided by our A-class licensed members

Section 4: Ensure a safe space by doing asbestos testing the right way

Section 1: Three things you need to know about asbestos

All products and substances with ACMs were already banned Australia wide by 2003. Currently, it is against the law to utilize, reuse, sell, install, import, supply and store materials that have fibrous materials in Australia.

However, this ban is not applicable to ACMs that were already installed before the ban including those in some Australian buildings. Generally, if your house or building was constructed or renovated in the 80s or earlier, it might have one of the different ACM types.

3 things you need to know about ACM:

Fact #1: Fibrous cement products were widely used in the past

One of the most widely used ACM products in Australia is a cement product. It has been estimated that more than 60 percent of ACM production and 90 percent of its consumption has happened in the cement production industry. Unfortunately, cement has been used for many years in the Australian construction industry. Because ACMs were inexpensive and durable, they were used in the construction industry extensively.

For instance, many old houses in Western Australia were constructed using ACM cement. Until in the 60s, ACM products were used to clad a quarter of houses in Australia. About 98 percent of houses built before 1976 used ACM while a fifth of residential roofs had fibrous materials at the same time.

Interesting facts about ACM:

  • Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral compound that was found many years ago to exhibit highly effective insulating capabilities.
  • ACMs come in two varieties; they are either non-friable (tightly bound) or friable (loosely bound).
  • Its fibrous silicate qualities made it a very versatile material to work with, which is why it is found in such a vast array of construction applications. It is widely used in the past as a mixing material for fencing and roofing products (read asbestos roof removal here).
  • Also, the material was very cost-effective to work with, as it could be acquired cheaply and used for multiple purposes

Fact  #2: The presence of ACM can diminish property value

Fisher et. al. conducted a study to assess how the presence of ACM affects the market value of a property. Here are some interesting findings from the study:

  1. The market value of properties with ACMs is 10-30% lower than comparable properties without ACMs.
  2. It takes 8,2 months longer to sell properties with ACMs than other comparable properties without ACMs.
  3. On average, rental properties with ACMs take 4.88 months longer to get tenants to fill vacancies than rental properties without ACMs.
  4. There is a decrease in the rental rates of properties with ACMs, which are: 6% to 10% for industrial properties, 8% to 10% for retail buildings, and 11% to 12% for office buildings.
  5. There is an increase in operating expenses of properties with ACMs, which are: 7% to 8% for office properties, 3% to 4% for industrial properties and 5% to 7% for retail properties.

asbestos affects the market value of a property

Fact #3: ACM fibre is difficult to be identified

It is not easy to determine if any material that was used to construct your building has fibre by looking at it. Fibres are very tiny in size, almost 50 to 200 times thinner than a human hair. You may ask: if fibres are invisible to the naked eye, how would I know if there’s fibrous material in my home?

‘The only way to be sure is by having your building inspected professionally. It is important to contact a licensed contractor when you suspected the presence of ACM in your house or workplace.’Australian government

Only a licensed contractor can remove and break materials that may contain fibrous materials. Furthermore, only a licensed contractor can dispose of ACMs at the city council’s waste facilities. Don’t endanger your health and safety by handling ACM alone. Always seek a help and advice from a professional contractor that has the right training and certification when you suspected ACM at your house or workplace.

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Section 2: The easiest way to find trustworthy contractors

We understand finding a trustworthy contractor can be a daunting task. For this reason, we aim to connect you with reliable A-class licensed contractors who are capable of handling different asbestos-related projects of all scope and complexity. Rest assured since only certified and professional contractors can receive our seal of endorsement.

Why you need to contact our members…

  1. Getting an expert through us is easy
  2. Our approved members are professional and reliable
  3. They do all scope and size of works
  4. They are supported by modern equipment and technology 

Reason #1: Getting a professional contractor through us involves an easy and straightforward process. Besides having a website that is easy to navigate, it also has clear information on how to contact an expert who will help you.

Reason #2: We give our endorsement to contractors who are dedicated and have developed a reputation for ‘getting things done’ regardless of the project’s complexity. When you work with our endorsed contractors, you will experience flexibility, transparency, positive attitude, timeliness, and quality workmanship. They strive to provide accurate and timely ACM testing services at a value price for you.

Reason #3: Our endorsed members offer a wide variety of fibre testing services regardless of the scope or the size of your project. From a simple residential inspection to a complete testing at a large industrial site, they perform each project with persistent accountability. Moreover, our members can also assist you with air monitoring services to ensure that the sampling area is free from fibrous materials.

Reason #4: Our endorsed members have a thorough understanding of the latest techniques and use state-of-the-art analytical method to manage all phases of the testing process. They will perform microscopic analysis using modern instruments to deliver accurate asbestos testing results for you.

Section 3: Services provided by our A-class licensed members

Any ACMs may release harmful fibres when they are disturbed, damaged, repaired, removed, scraped, or drilled. Instead of becoming exposed to them, make a note of signs of wear or damaged and contact experts through Asbestos Watch immediately. Our endorsed members provide extensive services such as sampling, testing, and disposal of hazardous waste.

Service #1: Collecting sample from the suspected materials

Our approved members will perform sampling carefully to ensure that everyone residing in the building is not exposed to this carcinogenic material. In brief, our endorsed specialists will consider these safety steps to prevent fibres exposure during sampling:

  1. They will wear a P2 respirator, P2 gloves, safety spectacles, spray bottle, P2 zip lock and trash bags, drop sheet, pliers or cutter, and other safety outfit needed.
  2. Turn off any fan and air conditioner to prevent the fibres from being airborne.
  3. Put on the safety gear
  4. Dampen the area in which the sample is going to be taken with water (use a low-pressure spray bottle).
  5. Take the sample by cutting it or if there is a loose part, pull it carefully with pliers. They will need a 100gr of sample (about one teaspoon) for the analysis.
  6. Put the sample in the zip lock bag and double the bag. Give the bag a label of which part of the building the sample is taken.
  7. Check and cover the hole where the sample was taken with PVA glue.
  8. Clean the area, the drop sheet, and the tools with a wet towel.
  9. Put all of the safety gear (respirator, gloves, so on) and the wet towel inside a trash bag and double the bag. Throw the bag into the non-recyclable garbage.

Service #2: A thorough analysis of fibrous materials  

Our approved assessors will perform all procedures and techniques for testing process under Australian Standard AS 4964 Method for the qualitative identification of asbestos in bulk samples. The sample will be analysed by a microscopic analysis for a qualitative and also quantitative measurement.

The sample will be identified using several techniques such as by using polarised light microscopy (PLM) and stereo microscope analysis (SMA). PLM is the most common method used by our endorsed contractors to identify ACM since it can differentiate friable fibres from non-friable fibres from the bulk material. They can also use SMA-based analysis since it can distinguish friable and non-friable fibres by analysing their morphology. After testing, they will give you a written report that includes the result of testing.

Service #3: Dispose of harmful waste to a lawful landfill site

ACM waste must be discarded at a landfill site that can lawfully accept hazardous waste. Our endorsed contractors will undertake all works related to transportation and disposal of the waste in accordance with applicable codes and guidelines. The harmful waste will be transported using a covered and leak-proof vehicle to a legal landfill site. Our endorsed experts will later locate and dispose of the harmful waste in the nearest lawful landfill site.

Section 4: Ensure a safe space by doing asbestos testing the right way

ACMs can be a potential threat to the health and safety of the people residing in your building. When an ACM is disturbed or damaged, it can release harmful fibres to the surrounding environment. You need to seek help from a professional contractor to conduct asbestos testing first before commencing any jobs that may potentially disturb the suspected material.

We help you get rid of this hazardous material by connecting you to A-class licensed and professional contractors who specialize in testing services. All of our approved contractors aim to provide you with high-quality services at competitive prices. They know exactly what needs to be done to help you identify the presence of fibrous materials in your property – safely and efficiently.

When you are dealing with our approved contractors, you should expect only the best services.

Our approved members have extensive experiences in conducting testing and sampling project in a respectable manner. They offer comprehensive and complete asbestos testing services starting from sample collection until disposal of hazardous waste. Our contractors employ modern technology for qualitative and quantitative analysis of fibrous materials. All projects they have done adhere to strict safety national and local regulations.

Our approved members have worked in numerous commercial, government and residential properties. They always put great attention to details to ensure that the testing process is conducted in the best way possible. There is no project that is too small or big for them to handle efficiently.

Be smart, be safe! Contact one or more contractors through Us today to ensure a safe environment for your family and employees.

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