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Asbestos management plan help avoid hefty fines

Numerous Australian companies have been hit hard with fines due to non-compliance with current regulations surrounding asbestos management. By law, companies must have an asbestos management plan (AMP) that outlines how they may deal with asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) before commencing any work on a building. Without a sound AMP in place, you are in breach of various national regulations and could potentially face hefty penalties.

In order to follow regulations and ensure the safety of premises occupants, you should seek help and advice from professional contractors to implement an appropriate in-place program.

Asbestos Watch will connect you with A-class licensed contractors who will develop an excellent AMP according to your specific requirements. Our approved members will assist you with all necessities to manage ACMs at your premise, starting from a risk assessment until periodic reviews. When required, they can also review and update the AMP for the continued compliance with the latest legislation.

 asbestos management plan

Let our network of skilled asbestos contractors handle your asbestos management needs. Our approved contractors provide extensive AMP services for all types of buildings throughout Australia; including commercial, industrial, and government buildings. Contact one or more of our endorsed contractors today and ensure that your business meets all applicable standards by having a sound AMP in place.

Table of contents
Section 1: Duty to manage asbestos

Section 2: Why you should contact our members right away

Section 3: AMP services provided by our A-class licensed members

Section 4: The right expert to manage asbestos safely

Section 1: Duty to manage asbestos

An asbestos management plan helps people with control and management of buildings to prevent exposure to airborne fibres by their employees and site guests.

Based on the code of practice for the control and management of ACM in workplaces that is established by the NOHSC, individuals with control of a premise have to ensure that all ACM in their workplace are identified, as long as practicable- Safe work Australia

The asbestos management plan should set out clear aims, stating what is going to be carried out (decisions), when it’s going to be done (timeline), and how it’s going to be applied (procedures). It must contain:

  • The workplace’s register of ACMs
  • Details of maintenance work on the ACMs such as:
    • Who performed the job
    • The date it was carried out
    • The scope of the job
    • Any clearance certificates (see clearance inspections, How you can Manage and Control ACMs within the Workplace Code of Practice 2011
  • How people at risk are informed about ACMs in the workplace, the risks they face and the control measures in site
  • Choices about management options and the factors for these choices
  • A timetable for action, including priorities and dates for reviewing risk assessments and specific circumstances that might affect the timetable
  • Monitoring arrangements
  • The people’s responsibilities elaborated in the plan
  • Training schedules for employees and contractors
  • A process for reviewing and updating the management plan and also the register of ACMs, such as a timetable
  • Secure work methods.

Let’s look into detail why your company needs an AMP!

Reason #1: Almost any buildings in Australia have ACMs

Asbestos was used extensively in buildings that were built between the 1930s until 1980s in Australia. It was initially used due to its excellent mechanical properties and resistance to fire. The various properties that were constructed back in 2000 are possible to contain the hazardous substance. They may include residential homes, commercial structures, schools, hospitals, government buildings, offices, etc.

‘Australia has the world’s highest rate of mesothelioma per capita that result from exposure to fibre substance.’ – Asbestos diseases research institute

When ACMs are disturbed and exposed, dangerous fibre can become airborne and pose an inhalation hazard. The management plan exists as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that instead of removing ACM upon realisation, an AMP can be adopted to increase the lifespan of fibrous materials without putting the health of people at risk.

Reason #2: You are a landlord or a property manager

If you are responsible for premises such as a residential, workplace, or small industrial unit, you must take responsible steps to ensure that people residing in your building are not exposed to ACMs. Furthermore, you need to spread the information to everyone on the premises where the hazardous material is suspected, the risks of exposure, and other appropriate control measures.

Briefly, a management program is required in various circumstances such as when:

  • The premises owner knows that a material containing fibres have been used for any purposes related to the building
  • The owner decides to treat material in the building as a doubtful material or ACM
  • An initial survey has determined that material in the building is ACM
  • An employee or constructor notifies the premises owner of the discovery of material that may be ACM

Reason #3: Hefty fines for non-compliance  

If you own a property that was built or renovated before 2003, then you should keep a current AMP. If not, you may want to get an inspection scheduled right away, as there are huge fines and penalties associated with being non-compliant with the current regulations. Under the WH&S Act, a property owner can face a legal penalty up to $150,000 and three years jail for non-compliance.

These regulations are simply in a position to assure the health and safety of your structure’s habitants. Since there is no way of finding out if your property is asbestos-free until it undergoes an evaluation, which is the major objective of the legal requirements for asbestos inspection in residential and commercial structures in Australia.

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Section 2: Why you should contact our members right away

We strive to prove that finding a reputable contractor that you can rely on isn’t difficult. Through Asbestos Watch, you will find A-class licensed contractors who are focused on the clients, fully understand the project requirements, and highly professional.

Top 4 reasons why you need to contact our endorsed members

1.     They are professional, competent, and reliable
2.     They take all scope of works seriously
3.     Quality services at a value price
4.     Complete solutions for your asbestos management needs

#1: We understand that you need a reliable and competent contractor for your asbestos management plan needs. This is why we connect you to highly-experienced and professional contractors that are fully A-class licensed. They always take their time to truly understand individual needs. Our approved members are committed to deliver a comprehensive and detailed AMP that suits your specific requirements.

#2: Our endorsed members take all jobs seriously. Over the years, they always treat all projects in a professional manner regardless of the size and the scope of the project. No AMP project is too small or too big for our A-class licensed members!

#3: Our approved contractors strive to provide you with fast and quality services at a value price. This is why they are always transparent and upfront about the cost of AMP services. They also offer a no-obligation quote to enable you to budget for the project – completely free of charge!

#4: We understand that experience and expertise alone do not guarantee success: this is why we give our seal of endorsement to contractors who deliver ‘whole-picture solutions’. Our approved members begin by analysing and understanding the challenges to solve the problem. They are always considering all relevant aspects needed to assure a successful outcome.

Section 3: AMP services provided by our A-class licensed members

Discover how our endorsed contractors will work together with you to put a sound AMP for your business:

Service #1: Performing an initial survey

The first step in establishing AMP is to have a survey conducted by a competent contractor. Our approved members will take samples from the surrounding area, subject them to test and determine the extent of fibre exposure. Dependent on the survey conclusions, they might or might recommend for the removal process at that time. 

Briefly, our endorsed members will do this following process:

  • Inspect the building and materials that may contain friable fibre such as roofing and fencing products
  • Conduct sampling and testing via an accredited laboratory
  • Perform the disposal of toxic sample to a legal facility
  • Take reasonable actions to label and record ACM inside a register
  • Inform everyone on the premises exactly where ACM exists and the consequences of exposure to it.

Service #2: Creating a practical and efficient AMP for your business

Our approved members will assist you to develop an asbestos management plan to ensure that you are managing ACMs at your premises- safely and efficiently. They will develop an AMP that will address these three important aspects: what is going to be done, when is it going to be done, and how is it going to be done.

They will conduct risk assessments and implement suitable control measures to manage ACMs at your premise. These are the important steps that may be undertaken by our endorsed contractors:

  • Identifying ACMs at your property – through a survey or inspection where a licensed surveyor identifies the presence of all ACMs within a property that may be accessible. The surveyor will also check and note the location and condition of ACM and present the written report to you.
  • Assessing the potential health risk of ACM within your property
  • Employing appropriate control measures to prevent and eliminate the risk – this involves regular inspection or removing ACM depending on the condition.
  • Ensuring that a register was made and kept by the property owner – so that all ACMs within a building are well documented, and any control measures are implemented.
  • Notify residents/employees – All occupants within a building must be informed about the presence of ACM in the premises.

Service #3: Create and update your current asbestos register

Our endorsed contractors will list all identified ACMs and documented them in an asbestos register. They will make sure that all information is accessible and can be easily understood by all building occupants. Our endorsed assessors will create an asbestos register that includes:

  • A record of any fibre substance that has been identified on the site, or it was assumed to have the hazardous substance.
  • The date when first the material was identified on the site.
  • The condition and type of the fibrous substance.

Service #4: Conducting periodic inspections

To monitor the effectiveness of the set control measures, the AMP must be reviewed on a regular basis. This usually occurs on a yearly basis, or when significant disturbance of this material has occurred. Our endorsed contractors will re-inspect the site and update the existing AMP for continued compliance with the current legislation. All the results and changed from the inspection will be recorded in an asbestos register.

 asbestos management plan step

Section 4: The right expert to manage asbestos safely

We are home for professional A-class licensed contractors who are knowledgeable and exceptionally skilled. We connect clients with reliable and qualified contractors who have been thoroughly screened to ascertain their ability in delivering quality services. They strive to deliver exceptional services at competitive prices for all clients.

Our aim is to provide you with highly experienced contractors who know what to do, what to look for, and know how to develop a sound AMP according to your specific needs.

They will help with the management and control of your property to prevent fibre exposure to you and the premises occupants. Our approved members will analyse the dangers postured by this hazardous material and implement proper control measures. Their substantial and steady growth over these years is a testament of their high-quality services for clients.

Without a doubt, contact one or more A-class licensed contractors through asbestos watch when you have problems with ACMs, and they will develop a sound asbestos management plan for you!

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