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Trusted Asbestos Emergency Repair services 24/7

A damaged asbestos-containing material (ACM) product is dangerous. Especially, when it’s damaged right after a disaster. It can double the trouble you have! We will never know when does a destructive disaster happen. But, it will be much better if we are prepared to face it.




A disaster can happen anytime, anywhere. It can lead to severe casualties, both physically and financially. We understand that you are concerned to solve your ACM problems safely in no time, especially in an urgent situation. Therefore, get your solution through Asbestos Watch! We will connect you to professional contractors to make your worries go away.

Are you in an urgent situation? Do you need help to safely repair or remove damaged ACMs?  Call our experts now, they are ready to serve you 24/7!

Property owners are responsible for removing and cleaning up debris after disasters. However, in extraordinary events that can cause greater risks to public health and safety; the Government may provide funding to remove and clean up the harmful debris. They will protect the community from getting exposed to fibres.

It is better to check the presence of ACM products before an incident happens. So, raise your awareness to live free from ACM products before it’s too late! Or call our members to get 24/7 asbestos emergency repair services.

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List of contents:

  1. Asbestos and natural disasters
  2. 4 Quick Steps to Save Yourself in an Emergency Situation
  3. Complete Actions for Asbestos Emergency Situation!
  4. Trusted and Experienced Services for 24 Hours/7 Days


Asbestos and Natural Disasters

1. Asbestos and Fire

Even though ACM is known as a heat-resistant material, it can be highly toxic when confronted with fire. Before the 1980’s, fibre products are popular in Australia to keep houses, buildings, pipes and other products from catching fire. However, the products could be exposed in various ways when the fibrous materials catch fire. This could lead to a toxic contamination through the air and smoke!

Smoke carrying contaminants is dangerous. –

Individuals are advised to be at least 1,000 feet away from burning products to limit the harmful materials exposure. Protective gears must be worn to avoid exposures until the whole repair procedures are done.

You need an immediate response or action to stop the contaminants from spreading out. Therefore, there is no other option than calling out a professional contractor to safely remove the burned ACM debris from your property in emergency situations. Always keep your property safe!


2. Asbestos and Floods

Floods can lead to another serious problem when you have fibre installed as flooring, drywall and ceilings in your property. As we know, water can break even the strongest material within a building. Thus, ACM products can be broken into fine fibres easily by floods. Once they dry, they can easily go airborne and be inhaled during the clean-up process.

You need a proper equipment to safely handle ACMs during an emergency. DIY kits are prohibited to handle the harmful materials. You need to be very careful in order to avoid being exposed to fibre substances. You can’t carelessly handle the works related to fibres!

You need to be careful when facing these common fibre household products:

  • Fireplace decorations
  • Insulation
  • Wallboard
  • Table pads
  • Roofing
  • Paints
  • Flooring
  • Gardening Products
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Electrical panels and insulations
  • Cement sheeting or board
  • Ceiling
  • Appliance compounds
  • Adhesives


The only thing you can do to save your life before an incident happens is, by removing all of the fibre products in your property. However, an asbestos emergency repair service is always reachable for you, 24/7, through Asbestos Watch. Thus, in a case of emergency, call our members immediately for a quick and swift response.


3. Asbestos and Severe Storms

A storm can be destructive for your property. Moreover, the debris generated after storm can be really dangerous when they are containing ACM products. Your damaged structures may release friable substances to the air and contaminate the whole neighborhood.

Usually, many communities will burn the debris to reduce waste and to prevent the landfill from piling up. But always keep in mind, even in the most urgent time, the harmful debris need special treatment in handling it, so that the toxic contamination won’t spread out.

Always keep broken fibre products wet to minimize dust generation. As we know, fibre contamination occurs when the fibres get disturbed. Cover the working area with plastic sheeting and restrict the contaminated zone from people’s activity. Don’t risk yourself by handling the debris alone if you didn’t have the proper tools. Always put your safety first and ask a professional to do the jobs.


4. Asbestos and Cyclones

One of the most destructive disasters in Australia is a cyclone. It can be much worse if it disturbs buildings with ACM products. The damaged buildings can lead to massive hazardous exposures from friable substances. Therefore, it is important to know how to protect yourself after the disaster, before a professional came to help you. Debris containing harmful materials should not be disturbed. Even the slightest movement can generate more fibre dusts into the air.


You can follow the steps below before a professional comes to help you:

  • Protect yourself with protective gears
  • Wet the debris first to prevent them being airborne
  • Cover the waste with plastic sheeting to reduce the dust from spreading anywhere
  • Move the harmful debris carefully
  • Call professional assessors immediately


4 Quick Steps to Save Yourself in an Emergency Situation

Being in an emergency situation requires you to be more alert in every move you take. Every step taken has to be efficient and effective to protect your safety. Therefore, you need to train yourself to know how to handle fibre problems in an emergency situation, before conducting further asbestos emergency repair works.

  1. Keep everyone from the contaminated zone: The first thing you have to do in emergency situations is to keep people away from the contaminated area. You have to keep the area clean from people’s activities. Thus, you can avoid generating more asbestos dust in the zone.
  2. Safely take action to reduce the asbestos dust from spreading: Quickly wet all the broken fibre products with water. It is the first option you can do to prevent fibre exposures. You need to perform this step right after the ACM product is broken.
  3. Coat the damaged fibre products: Next, try to make a mixture of water and PVA glue. Then spray the mixed liquid to make a protective coating. Touching the broken ACM product is highly prohibited. Thus, leave the broken materials, after getting coated, until professional removalists come to handle it.
  4. Laminate the broken products: Cover the broken materials with plastic sheeting or bags. Keep it covered until professional assessors come to remove the broken materials, safely. Don’t touch the damaged products bare handed! You can’t properly repair the harmful broken products with DIY kits. Thus, leave all the trouble to the professionals.




Call our easy-to-reach professional contractors to conduct further treatment on your broken harmful materials! They provide asbestos emergency repair services for 24/7. Don’t wait until you get exposed; Do what you have to do now!


Complete Actions for Asbestos Emergency Situation!

In a case of emergency, get asbestos emergency repair services through Asbestos Watch immediately! Our endorsed members are ready to solve your fibre-related problems 24/7; anytime, anywhere.

We only endorse professional assessors with A-Class certification. They have been through extensive trainings to conduct the required jobs in the most secure manner. Rest assured your fibre-related problems would be done safely in their hands!

Here’s what they do to solve a crisis: 

  1. Complete isolation on the contaminated area; our approved contractors will strictly prohibit people from entering the contaminated area. They will draw lines and put warning signs to keep people away from the restricted area. Only authorized personnel can enter the restricted zone.
  1. Avoid fibre dust go airborne; Our endorsed contractors will initiate all their works to ensure that there will be no further contamination throughout the working area. They will damp all the broken materials with a dust suppressant by using sprayers.
  1. Get the working permission; Fibre removal jobs needs to be started by getting WorkSafe permission. Our approved assessors will simply get it done for you before conducting the jobs. They will perform the removal procedures safely according to applicable regulations.
  1. Removing the damaged harmful products; After getting the approval from WorkSafe, our approved experts will immediately create a control plan to perform the asbestos emergency repair jobs. They will only use approved equipment including protective gears, a shovel and a HEPA vacuum in delivering the works. Our experts are also licensed to transport and handle the disposal of the harmful waste to a legal landfill. They can also give you further treatment including a thorough asbestos testing, sampling and inspection services if needed.
  1. Help you with the claim process; Our professional contractors will complete the asbestos emergency repair services by helping you claim your insurance. They will ease the trouble you have, by ensuring you that the claiming process will go smoothly.


Trusted and Experienced Services for 24 Hours/7 Days

Asbestos Watch only endorse reputable experts who are highly experienced in handling all kind of fibre-related problems. Our experts are ready to solve your ACM problems anytime, anywhere!

Our professional contractors are eager to deliver the best services to their customers. They will overlook the problems specifically and apply solutions according to the problems. Therefore, trust our experts to get the jobs done right!

Why exactly our experts are the best option you have in an urgent time:

  • They are reputable and reliable: We did an extensive pre-screening process before endorsing a contractor to be one of our members. That’s why you will only find professional asbestos removalists in our list! Our members consist of experienced professionals who have good track records.
  • They hold A-Class certification: We only gather experts who are capable in handling all scale of fibre-related works. They are licensed to perform the jobs at every level, from commercial to residential.
  • They give you value prices for quality services: We really value your time, energy, and also expenditure cost. Thus, our professional contractors are open to discuss the budget; to meet your needs and expectations. They are keen to deliver the best results to solve your problems.
  • They put your safety as the highest priority: Do you pay attention on your safety? Because we do! Our professional assessors will bring the works in the most secure manner. They will always put your safety first and avoid the worst!


Be smart, be safe. Choose our professional contractors to handle broken ACM products in your place! They are available to meet your requests anytime you need; especially in your emergency time.


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