3 Ways to Upgrade Your House Without Doing a Major Renovation

December 19, 2017 >> by asbestos watch

We all want a comfortable, cozy and well-designed home. While there are lots of DIY-ers out there who work tirelessly to upgrade their homes and seem to be improving or renovating constantly – it’s impossible for those who do not know the difference between a drill and a table saw. Of course, this group of people can only hire someone to upgrade or renovate their home for them, but then it comes with a certain cost. Those who have done major renovations can prove the unexpected cost and the enormous confusion they create.

house renovation

How can we upgrade our home without doing a major renovation? Here’s our answer – 10 of them, actually.

We see 10 imaginative ways to upgrade your home without damaging the wall or breaking the bank.

1. Create an open space in your home

According to a study, open floor plans are highly popular and are on the top of the list of home purchase and home ownership. Homeowners want an open plan where the kitchen, living room and dining room share a large open space. Also, formal dining room is not as popular as before now and seem going out of style.

Here’s your chance to create space in your home, making it more attractive to you and your visitors. How can you do this without ripping the wall? In fact, making your home look open and airy can be easier than you think. Sometimes it’s as easy to get rid of bulkier, bigger furniture, or moving furniture around the room to see what design and placement gives the most open space. If you love cabinets or other large furniture that occupies a lot of space, then consider painting warm black and white colours; this will help them “disappear” in the room, tricking the eyes to think of a more roomy and open space.

Another trick that gives the illusion of an open space is by putting a mirror. The mirror when placed in front of the window reflects the light in the room and makes the room more open. If you have a formal dining room that is not actually used, it is advisable to convert it into a home office, workspace or a comfortable library with reading angles. This will make the most useful space available and create an entirely new home space you’ve never had before (without a messy restructuring!).

2. Add new lighting to your home

Proper lighting can really bring a room to life. A room with poor lighting looks small, dark and narrow, while the brightly lit room will look open, cool and comfortable. There are many ways to lighten up your house with lights. Some of the easiest methods are as easy as buying a desk lamp and floor lamp for your home.

awesome lighting for your home

Place a pair of floor lamps strategically in a dark corner and watch your living room comes alive. Cover this lighting with a lamp on the bedside table, making the room feel comfortable and friendly. So if you want to be an adventurer, you can replace all the ceiling fixtures with the fantastic modern masterpiece that are available on the market.

Of course, this last part might require you to hire an electrician to install it, but if you’re creative and handy, replacing the ceiling fixtures is not that complicated. Whether you keep it simple with a floor lamp, or go all out and replace all your ceiling fixtures – modernize your home with lots of bright light.

3. Cabinetry: Update door handles and drawer pulls

Nothing dates your bathrooms and kitchens more than old-fashioned, worn and dirty handles and knobs. There is no excuse for not updating all the handles of the furniture and the door when it is really so simple to do, and there are so many ways to upgrade your cabinetry.

There are numerous choices to pick such as brushed nickel, aged copper and polished stainless. With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to decide what works best for your home. Do not overlook the plethora of options; you can buy one or two different styles to see what works best in the room.

In addition, there are no rules for choosing the hangers and knobs of the closet. Essentially, a country kitchen may look stylish and up-to-date with very modern stainless steel handles, while a modern kitchen may look fresh and eclectic with more vintage-style knobs. The design choice is totally up to you, so go out there and start upgrading your kitchen and cabinets today.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are planning to drill the wall or replace the vinyl tiles, make sure that your house is free from asbestos! Asbestos was widely used as building materials in Australia in the past. Make sure you talk to a professional asbestos removalist first to make sure that it is safe to do a renovation. Good luck!

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